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Naffi-i Born in the uk to a family where music was the food for every feeling you had Naffi-is Early musical experience began at the early age of 10 yrs old where she use to jam with her brother, sister and friends around the piano and a few bin lids for Drums. Which lead her to a band called Oceans where she first started performing at festivals, Years later she left Oceans and trained to become a youth worker working with the youth teaching them Drama,Art, cooking and life skills, at the same time her love and passion for music never died. In 2006 Naffi-i hit the streets with her first We Shall also featuring her niece Lady of Soul and her 7 yr old Son Iquela on Roots Injection Label which was a sell out and due to demand was repressed. She has worked extensively with some of the top Producers in the roots scene . Naffi-i then went on and had a few more of her tunes released in 2008 on various Record Labels. Took the place like a storm and was based on life , upliftment and inspiration with a universal message.20 Banging tracks with a few special Dubs This Album took the place with a storm. Due to Naffi-i's love of music Naffi-i started presenting on a variety of Radio stations And hosting chat shows and selecting many other genre's of Music as Naffi-i has a wide taste in music. ,  Naffi-i brings a brand new cd Album to the four corners of the globe with a variation of styles understanding that each individual is unique, I LOVE JAH has something for all 20 Spicy Tracks Vocal & Dub style with a variety of producer. Word sound can make all the difference in life and how we live today. Prince Aniyah two young up and coming talented youth with a bright Giving it fresh breaths of air,coming from our younger Generation. The future and the one's who can make an impact on the future of our next Generation.LOOK OUT FOR ANOTHER BRAND NEW ALBUM SOON TO REACH THE STREETS FROM NAFFI-I TITLED Vocal Album with a few Dubs . Also featuring the 2 young Princes Prince Iquela Prince Aniyah THE NEXT GENERATION .