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We Need Love--Young Lion 12"


10" Gideon Boots - Yellow Vynil

Limited Eddition  




p&p included





Supatech Production 10" Gideon Boots- Naffi-i A Side Side B The World Is in Danger-Kingsley Wray/Naffi-i

To get your copies Contact Naffi-i / +44(0)7766105435 or Management via facebook Reggae Supatech +44(0) 756821378

DvD's + CD's ON SALE HERE - US1001DvD

A nite called H.I.M in Honour of Emperor Haile Selassie I
Available DvD's + Audio CD's
for copies you can contact me via facebook right Here.........WHAT A GREAT NITE

Tunes available to all the best in Roots & Culture Naffi-i has worked Extensively with a variety of Producers all around the world